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KHEO Bazik V3 - 8

8 inch wheels | 12mm ChnlTrucks

€ 219,95

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KHEO Bazik V3 - 8 Mountainboard

8 inch Wheels | 12 mm Channel Trucks | Red Tires

The Kheo Bazik is the intermediate board and is all about performance at a realistic price. The Bazik with its heavy duty channel trucks is awesome for dropping off hills or doing speed runs with a kite. Additionally it is equipped with Kheo high performance race tyres so even at high speeds it will track like a train. But make no mistake, its fibreglass reinforced deck also delivers when it comes to freestyle tricks and offers more than enough pop and flex to get air and land comfortably.

All in all the Bazik is a board that works for just about anybody, whether you want to shred down nasty hillsides or get wicked airtime kite-landboarding, the Bazik does it all!

Recommended for riders up to 110Kg


  • A versatile board for everyone and every discipline!
  • Incredible all-around performance
  • Affordable but with high quality materials
  • Recommended for riders up to 110Kg


  • Kheo Bazik 9 inch wheels - Check it out!
  • 9 inch tyhree spoke standard
  • Tyres: 9 inch Ultra Grip Tread
  • Weight: 7.7 Kg

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