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HQ Topaz 7.0 Kite Only

770 x 140cm. / 7,0 m²
Kite Only

€ 649,00

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HQ Topaz 7.0 Kite Only

770 x 140cm. / 7,0 m²

The Topaz is a well-balanced Freeride/ Freestyle Kite that is built to use for different styles of riding.
Even with only the 3 struts and a C-orientated shape, the Topaz is built strong enough to stand the hardest moves.
A super-efficient profile combined with the shape is a perfect symbiosis for a direct steering and response.
Reeinforcements on the leading-edge and the wing-tips guaranty a long lifetime.

The Topaz is the perfect choice for high kiteloops and unhooked moves without suffering from a big wind range and riding comfort.
Watching out for a true Freeride Kite with a big potential for Freestyle moves? The Topaz is your kite.
When active flown, the smaller sizes of the Topaz are going to unleash their potential and show massive lift and fast acceleration.


  • Great looping and jumping abilities
  • Good unhooked performance
  • Direct and fast turning
  • Rigid 3-strut design
  • Easy to fly


The Topaz is a fun machine and can be flown from smooth to radical without overstraining the pilot. Power is on demand and can be increased a lot by flying the kite active. Even for a kite of this class, the Topaz shows a great light wind performance.


The orientation of the Topas´3 strut design is an open-C shape.
The center of the leading edge is slightly located of the wingtips which helps to get a good waterstart and creates a high depower performance as well as a nice riding comfort.


For a direct feeback and short steering commands the bridle of the Topaz was kept as short as possible. This reduces possible tangling's around the wingtip and riders do always have a direct response on the bar.


The materialmix of the Topaz is made for the strongest conditions. The frame of the kite is made of extra strong dacron to recieve optimal feedback. Kevlarpatches on the leading edge help to prevent damages and the Tejin fabric guaranties color fastness and a long life.

Technical Data:

  • Flat Area (m²): 7.00
  • Flat Span (cm): 770
  • Height (cm): 140
  • Flat AR: 4.4
  • Struts: 3
  • Sail: Ripstop Nylon
  • Age: 16+