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Revolution EAGLE

240 x 80 cm
Incl. Carbonhandles | GEEN lijnen

€ 399,95

Levertijd 1 à 2 dagen

Revolution EAGLE

240 x 80 cm. | Incl. Carbonhandles - NO Lines

Revolution is the leader in sport wing technology for more than 30 years. Our newest creation is the amazing Revolution Eagle Raptor!

Whether you are captured by the beauty and power of the Eagle; or your instinct demands that you take a second look… The Rev Eagle image and performance is grabbing everyone’s attention!

With the 8 foot wingspan, and weighing less than 10 ounces, the aspect ratio is off the charts! Experienced Rev flyers love the amazing control, and the Eagle Glide in very light winds. We give a wind range of zero to about 14 mph. The structure is a 5/16” Reflex shaft in the 3 piece Leading edge, and ¼” Race shafts for the verticals.

The Revolution 4 line control puts the excitement of flight in your hands. The simple wrist rotation movement is all that is needed to achieve a high level of control and precision as you have seen in thousands of YouTube “Rev Kites” videos.

Revolutions are Made in America, and built to last using our patented carbon fiber shaft technology. We use only the highest quality materials. Including ultra-light Rip-stop fabric, stainless steel and carbon handles, and aerospace carbon fiber structure. Our top quality Spectra fiber line is a high strength, pre-stretched 90 Lb test line that is precision tied, with custom colored sleeving and Ready-To-Fly. Your Revolution is designed for years of high performance fun.

The Rev Eagle takes flying to a new level! The instant response and precision control is amazing !! The Revolution Eagle realistically mimics the actual flight of an Eagle fooling adults, kids, dogs, and especially birds! Soar, glide, and ride thermals just like a real predator. The feeling of gliding through the sky is… well, you become the Eagle.

This is not just the next step, it is the natural evolution of controlled flight. 

Become the Rev Eagle !

Revolution EAGLE biedt samengevat:

Indrukwekkend lichtwindvliegen (0-25 Km/h) en een enorm windvenster.
Met een vleugelspanwijdte van ca. 240cm en een gewicht van minder dan 283 gram biedt de Eagle een buitengewone verhouding tussen spanwijdte en gewicht.
Ervaren Rev-Flyer kicken op de verbazingwekkende controle en de glijmogelijkheden bij zeer zwakke wind. Het windbereik is met 0 bis 25 km/h aangegeven (0 bis 4 Bft.) Als stokken voor de zijkanten (edges) is het bekende en stijve 5/16" koolstofbuis ingebouwd, voor de verticale stokken is het 1/4" Race Frame ingebouwd.

  • Niveau: Ervaren piloten t/m professionals
  • Windbereik: 0-25 Kmh
  • Spanwijdte: 240 cm
  • Hoogte: 80 cm
  • Gewicht: 283 gram
  • Frame: Rev Carbon fiber 5/16″ Reflex
  • 8 (acht) verschillende ogenkleuren - Piercing Blue | Angry Red | Envy Green | Natural Gold | Menacing Black | Cocoa Brown | Bronze Glow | Sweet Pink

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