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HQ4 Onyx 5.0 Kite Only

580 x 138 cm | Kite Only
De allerlaatsten tegen superprijs!

€ 499,00

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HQ4 Onyx 5.0 Kite Only

580 x 138 cm | Kite Only

The Onyx was built for all those of you looking for an uncomplicated and durable kite that is ready to join you for everything. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, the Onyx offers great performance for all.
From the first touch of the bar you can feel what freeriding is all about.
Our designer Andy Preston has managed to give the Onyx genes you would normally only find in kites of other categories.
The deep-cut and more delta type shape offers you maximum control and comfort. Every movement of the kite is efficiently transformed into performance. When flown properly, the Onyx turns into a lift machine that is very reluctant to drop the rider back on the ground.
The Onyx is a pedigree freerider, providing everything you need to make you become that extra little bit better with every session.
The lightweight 3-strut delta shape, along with optimized segmentation of the leading edge and struts, creates a rigid structure that responds directly and precisely to all steering impulses. It also gives the rider excellent feedback about where the kite is at any given moment.


The Onyx offers riders a wide performance spectrum.
Good lift and a lot of hangtime make the Onyx the perfect freerider.
With the Onyx it quickly becomes clear how easy it is to access power, to jump or just to cruise.
Even in difficult wind conditions, the Onyx shows an easy-to-control and good-natured behavior that never demands too much of the rider.
Despite the low aspect ratio of the wing, you will find yourself easily moving upwind. The Onyx loves to cruise, but also carves neatly in the waves with a good downwind drift.
Due to the deep shape of the kite with lots of sail at the center chord, the kite has a very high linear depower capacity as well as a wide wind range.
Even in light winds there is always enough power on hand to get you on the water right away. The bar feel is perfectly tuned and you can always sense where your kite is. In flight, the Onyx keeps a stable course and simply absorbs any wind gusts.


The Onyx has a deep-cut sail design that lends the kite enormous stability.
The special position of the wingtips and a nose that is slightly pulled forward make any water re-launch child's play.
Large Dacron reinforcements on the wingtips create a perfect balance in the center of the kite, avoiding a front stall tendency in critical situations.
The 3-strut design is ideal for a kite meant to be both light and agile. The rigid structure prevents strong warping around the middle strut and gives the kite a more direct and faster spin, which results in a very dynamic riding style.


In designing the bridle, we placed great emphasis on keeping the bar pressures low, while still ensuring the rider gets adequate feedback. The well-dimensioned 4-point bridle does exactly the job, at the same time providing maximum control and stability even in depower mode.
And the bridle's color coding makes it even easier to attach our One Bar 2.0.


When it comes to the materials of the Onyx, we have cut no corners. Durability was clearly a top priority.
We used only proven materials, such as the Techno Force D2 cloth, an extremely tear-resistant double-ripstop nylon, as well as a lightweight and hard-wearing IYU Dacron for maximum stiffness of the leading edge.
For the bridle we chose a spliced and stitched Liros line that is extremely tear- and abrasion-resistant.
The entire finish is top of the line, and that is why taped seams and molded parts for the one-pump-system are standard features of the Onyx.
In addition, all stress points were reinforced with further abrasion-resistant materials.


  • Direct steering and spinning capabilities
  • Lightweight and strong 3-strut design
  • Easy to fly
  • Pure freeride performance
  • Great lift and upwind performance

Technical Specifications:

  • Span - 580 cm
  • Height - 138 cm
  • Sail - Double Ripstop Nylon D2, IYU - Dacron
  • Wind - 26-40 knots
  • Age - 16+
  • Recommended Bar - Control Bar One 49 cm
  • Color - light blue
  • AR - 4.22
  • Weight - 2250 gr

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