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HQ4 ONE Bar 2.2 - 49 - No leash

NEW 2.2 Version | Universal KiteBar for Tube-, LEI- & Depower Kites | 49cm

€ 369,95

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HQ4 ONE Bar 2.2 NEW 49 cm.

Universal Bar | 49cm | No Leash | 24 m. Prestretched Dyneema Lines in 375/300 daN included!

One for all!

Our new bar is the universal tool for your kite. Besides (our) tube kites, it can be used with any type of (our) Depower kites.

Features like a Single-Front-Line Safety, easy depower adjustments and a self-untwisting ceramic swivel are only some of the innovations of the new ONE-Bar, that we adapted to customer's needs. Our new bar system clearly exemplifies our focus on progressive design elements, precisely optimised handling and detailed attention to quality and safety.

The contoured ergonomic EVA grip offers long lasting comfort and excellent hold in every situation. The bar ends come with an integrated floater so that in connection with the coated backlines you won't get stuck during the water start. The stopper ball helps to relaunch the kite. A high quality clamcleat for ease of use and infinite adjustment within its range offers a perfect adaption to the rider and the wind conditions. Thanks to the front line safety the kite will release all its power, and gently drift with the leading edge facing down until it smoothly lands on the water or land. The kite will stay in this position until you are ready to restart it.

The HQ4 "ONE" -Bar is available in lengths of 49 and 55 cm.

It comes with particularly low stretch 24 m Dyneema lines.

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